Tall Poppies; TP012

Track Listing:
01. Yearning for the continent (3:19)
02. The last place on earth (5:48)
03. Penguin play (2:44)
04. Threnody (1:39)
05. Penguin circus (2:00)
06. Canyons of ice (1:51)
07. Meltponds/ Dry calleys/ The ice core (7:14)
08. Scott’s theme (1:05)
09. Wooden ships (1:39)
10. At the pole (2:19)
11. Scott’s theme (1:50)
12. Finale (3:18)
13. Postlude (1:39)
total time: 36:59

music composed by Nigel Westlake
Music Production: Nigel Westlake
Film Music Editor: Nicholas Holmes
Recording engineer: Craig Preston
1st Assistant engineer: Tom Quarmby
2nd Assistant engineer: Julie Gardiner
Fairlight technician: Andrew Bell
Music coordinator: Jan Loquet

special thanks to Brett, Michael, Robyn, and Jacquetta at Rhino


You can order this CD directly from the Tall Poppies Records web-site

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