Cosmic Voyage

promotional release

Track Listing:
01. Cosmic Voyage (4:50)
02. Through a Drop of Water (2:32)
03. Creation (3:30)
04. Discovery (2:14)
05. Mysteries Of The Universe (2:05)
06. The Heavens Below (1:37)
07. Rebirth (1:15)
08. Little Green Algae (3:46)
09. Into the Cosmos (:53)
10. Beyond The Stars (1:51)
11. 42 Rings (:54)
12. A Never-Ending Journey (2:43)
“Boeing 777”
13. Working Together/ The Rollout (10:01)

total time: 38:07

Composed and conducted by David Michael Frank
Music score produced by David Michael Frank
CD produced by David Michael Frank and Ford A. Thaxton
CD edited and mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland
Cosmic Voyage
Conducted and orchestrated by David Michael Frank
(“Little Green Algae” orchestrated by Larry Schwartz)
Recorded at Skywalker Ranch and re-mixed at Westlake Audio
Recording and re-mixing engineer: Gary Lux
Orchestra contractor: Mario Guarneri
Music preparation: Jay Asher
“Boeing 777 Rollout”
Conducted and orchestrated by David Michael Frank
Recorded at East L.A. and re-mixed at The Bakery
Recording and re-mixing engineer: Andy Waterman
Music preparation: Jay Asher

Special Thanks to: Nick Armington, Max Bowers. Terry Delsing, Monty House, Jeff Kaufman, Chris Korody, Gary Lux, Jeffrey Marvin, Cathy Schleussner, Bayley Silleck and especially Bonnie.

This CD has only been released for promotional purposes of the composer, not intended for sale. However a very limited supply is available at Screen Archives.
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