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Track Listing:
01. The Journey Begins (5:53) (1)(2)(3)(A)(C)
02. The Himalaya (3:48) (1&2)(B)
03. Chorten Monuments (1:22) (2)
04. Khumbu Icefall (4:28) (2)
05. The Trek (2:56) (1)(2)(A & B & D)
06. The Blizzard (3:30) (2)
07. The Spirit Returns (3:10) (2)
08. Rememberance (3:09) (1&2)(A)
09. The Final Climb (5:30) (1&2)(A)
10. Chomolungma (1:06) (1&2)(B & E)
11. Here Comes The Sun (3:36) (1)(E)
12. Jamling’s Mountain Dream (1:06) (1)(A)

total time: 39:43

Track Codes: Written by (1) George Harrison, (2) Steve Wood/ Daniel May, (3) George Harrison and Jeff Lynne. Including music of (A) All Things Must Pass, (B) Life Itself, (C) This Is Love, (D) Give Me Love, (E) Here Comes The Sun, written by George Harrison

Music produced by Steve Wood and Daniel May
Mixed by Steve Wood
Orchestra Conducted by Daniel May
Orchestrations by Daniel May and Bill Boston
Orchestra recorded by Steve Smith (Xtreme Studios-Seattle, WA)
Concert Master: Simon James
Additional Recording: Steve Wood (Benjai Studio- Laguna Beach, CA)
Mastering: Joe Gastwirt and Ramón Bretón (Oceanview Digital Mastering – Santa Monica, CA)

Principal Musicians:
Richard Hardy: Flutes
Techung: Voice, Piwang, Drayan, Flute, and Doung-Chen
Kurt Rasmussen: Percussion
Monks of Gaden-Shartse: Chants and Percussion
Geetha Bennet: Veena and Tambura
Michael Hamilton: Guitars
Alan Deremo: Bass
Frank Cotinola: Trap Drums
Eric Rigler: Uilleann Pipes
Steve Wood and Daniel May: Keyboards

Album Photography: David Breashears, Robert Schauer, Ed Viesturs
CD Package Design: Jeff Girard, Victoria Street Graphic Design

“All Things Must Pass”
written by George Harrison
(published by Harrisongs LTD.)

“Give Me Love”
written by George Harrison
(published by Material World Charitable Foundation PRS)

“Here Comes The Sun”
written by George Harrison
(published by Harrisongs LTD.)

“Life Itself”
written by George Harrison
(published by Ganda BV)

“This Is love”
written by George Harrison
(published by Ganda BV/ SBK April Music Inc.)

Liner notes:
Composers Steve Wood and Daniel May created this score by melding their own original melodies with those of George Harrison. In addition to a large orchestra, they used traditional Tibetan and Indian folk instruments, Buddhist chants, as well as other unique instruments from around the world. This merging of sound reflects the diversity of Nepal, a country comprised of Hindus, who migrated from India, and Buddhists, who ventured south from Tibet. The result is a soundtrack that fits the incredible images of EVEREST.

Steve Wood has composed thirteen scores for MacGillivray Freeman Films over the past fifteen years including his work with Sting on the Academy Award® nominated film THE LIVING SEA. Wood also spent nine years as a musical director and keyboardist for Kenny Loggins. His popular music background complements the experience of Daniel May, who holds a doctorate in musical composition from Cornell University. May is also well known in Los Angeles as a jazz pianist. Wood and May have collaborated on six of the last MacGillivray Freeman films and they have recently formed a group called Zero Ted which released a CD, SACRED COW, in 1997.

Over eighty musicians contributed to this soundtrack. The Northwest Sinfonia recorded in a grand church in Seattle in December 1997, as well as an international lineup of musicians from Chaksam-pa Tibetan Dance and Opera Company and monks from the Gaden-Shartse in Mund God, India.

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