Hearst Castle: Building The Dream

Jazz Ranch Records; JR43272

Track Listing:
01. Opening Titles/ Eye of the Dreamer (1:14)
02. Don’t Forget the Paper (2:02)
03. The Immigrant (3:30)
04. Tour of the Continent (6:40)
05. Boyhood Memories/ The Central Coast (2:41)
06. The Dreamer (2:52)
07. Miss Julia Morgan, Architect (4:35)
08. The Guilded Age, part I (:43)
09. Inspiration from Abroad (2:30)
10. Starlets and Moguls (1:47)
11. The Guilded Age, part II (4:00)
12. Dinner is Served/ The Dreamer Prologue (4.10)
13. Closing Credits (1:36)
total time: 38:22

Music score composed and produced by Sam Cardon
Performed by: The Northwest Sinfonia
Music conducted by: Kurt Bestor

The Score features:
– The Yankee Clipper (Mark Jardine, Cliff Butter, Paul Rasmussen, Stan Jensen)
– The Salt Lake Children’s Choir (Ralph Woodward, Jr., director)
– Tom Criegen: Uilleann Pipes

Recorded at: St.Thomas Center, Seattle, Washington
Recording engineer: Reed Rudy
Additional Engineering: Glen Neibaur and Dan Carlisle
Big Band music recorded and mixed by: Jeff Carter at Pinnacle Studios, Orem, Utah
Scoring Mixer: Glen Neibaur
Music Supervisor: Ted Hinckley
Music Contractor: Simon James
Additional Contracting: Meredith Campbell
Music Copying: Leslie Buttars, Greg Buttars

Special Thanks to Barnett Cox and associates for providing the Hearst Castle images

This soundtrack is available at:

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