Kilimanjaro: To The Roof Of Africa

Four Winds Trading;  FW8021

Track listing:
01. Main Title (02:19)
02. Path to Machame Camp (02:02)
03. Climate Zones (02:22)
04. Treasures of the Mountain (03:54)
05. Thin Air (02:10)
06. Elephant Bones (01:36)
07. Climbing (02:16)
08. Rift Valley (02:31)
09. Hansi’s Journey (02:43)
10. Arrow Camp (02:08)
11. The Crater Rim (04:02)
12. Glaciers (01:58)
13. Perfect Crater (04:34)
14. The Roof of Africa (03:45)
15. End Credits (01:44)

Total time: 40:04

Music composed and conducted by Alan Williams
Album produced by Alan Williams
Music recorded by Scott Cochran and Juraj Durovic
Music mixed by Scott Cochran at Capital Records, Hollywood, CA
Album mastered by Brad Vance at DNA Mastering, Studio City, CA
Orchestrations by Larry Rench
Music Editor: David Bondelevitch
Music coordinator: Audrey DeRoche
Music preparation: Ross DeRoche
Music performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
African Percussion: Alan Vavrin and Brad Dutz
Vocal Contractor: Larry Kenton
Music published by: HMNS Music (BMI), Houston Museum of Natural Science
Art Direction: Zachary Lipson, Valerie Sanford

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