© 1992 National Film Board of Canada

Track Listing:
01. Majestic Scene (4:13)
02. Seascape with Lights (1:52)
03. Flamenco Scene (0:50)
04. Northern Mystery (2:11)
05. Spanish March – Cancan (0:50)
06. Western Scene (1:33)
07. Vista Heroique (2:31)
08. Boogie and Blues (2:20)
09. Momentum Waltz (1:28)

total time: 17:28

Music composed and conducted by Eldon Rathburn
With the collaboration of the musicians of l’Orchestre Métropolitain du Grand Montréal
Recorded at l’église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre
Music recording and mixing: Louis Hone
Flamenco sequence: Michael Laucke and his group Fiesta Flamenco
Recording Facilities: Le Studio Mobile: Guillaume Bengle, Renée Marc-Aurèle
Mixing facilities: Studio 2, NFB/

This CD was released by the National Film Board of Canada to accompany the release of their IMAX film at the Expo’92 in Seville, Spain. It was released for promotional purposes only and is extremely difficult to find. It’s maybe the toughest IMAX soundtrack to locate these days; try your luck at:

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