Mysteries of Egypt

Jazz Ranch Records

Track Listing:
01. The Nile – Source of Life (2:33)
02. Prologue (2:35)
03. Howard Carter’s Obsession (2:01)
04. King Tutankhamun’s Burial (5:12)
05. Waterboy’s Discovery (1:33)
06. Valley of the Kings + (1.12)
07. Floodplain of the Nile (2:45)
08. Building the Great Pyramid of Khufu (3:57)
09. Splendors Reclaimed by the Desert (2:44)
10. Mysteries of Egypt Theme (1:49)
11. The Tombs (2:50)
12. Family Life (1:19)
13. Things, Wonderful Things (2:58)
14. Cafe in Cairo ++ (1:12)
15. Eternal Sands (2:34)
16. Epilogue (1:49)
17. Closing credits 2:56
total time: 42:55


Music score composed and produced by Sam Cardon, except:
+ by Omar Faruk Tekbilek and
++ (traditional) arranged and performed by Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Music Scoring Mixer: Glen Neibaur
Music Supervisor: Ted Hinckley
Music conducted by Kurt Bestor
Music recorded at: St.Thomas Center, Seattle, Washington; Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, California; L.A. East Studios, Salt Lake City, Utah; Jazz Ranch Studio, Orem, Utah.
Performed by the Northwest Sinfonia (Contractor: Simon James)
Additional Contracting: Ted Hinckley
Music Preparation: Leslie Buttars, Greg Buttars
Recording engineer: Steve Smith
Additional Engineering: Glen Neibaur, Dave Glover, Michael Chadbourne
The Score features: Omar Faruk Tekbilek: Ney Flute, Oud, and Egyptian percussion
Brad Dutz: Ethnic percussion
Daron Bradford: Additional Ethnic Flutes
Electronic music performed and programmed by Sam Cardon


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