Race for Atlantis – The IMAX 3D Ride

© 1998 Forum Ride Associates

Track Listing:
01. the fountain chamber (2:43)
02. the heavens (7:47)
03. race for atlantis (3:39)
04. the victory procession (1:42)

total time: 15:51

Composed and orchestrated by Gary Guttman
Produced by: Ted King
Soundtrack produced by: James Fielden and Ted King

Race for Atlantis in IMAX 3D:
Director: Arish Fyzee
Executive Producer: Barry Kemper
Senior Producer: Hart Getzen

Race for Atlantis is the first IMAX 3D Simulator Ride on the planet. Pindar, your guide, takes you on a fantastic journey through the lost city in search of the ring that will save the mystical kingdom from the evil Ghastlius. Projected onto the largest IMAX domed screen ever constructed for an attraction, the experience surrounds your visual and auditory senses- immersing you in a sight, sound and motion phenomenon beyond your wildest imagination.

This soundtrack CD was only available at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is unkown if it’s still in print. You might be able to find it here:

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