The Discoverers

Benaji Production CD; BPCD 2716

Track Listing:
01. Opening Montage (2:50)
Ferdinand Magellan:
02. Mapmaker (1:11)
03. The Voyage (1:32)
04. Penguins (1:00)
05. Ice Fields (3:03)
Dr. Ellen Stofan (JPL):
06. Magellan Spacecraft (1:17)
07. First Message (2:20)
08. Venus Fly-By (3:39)
Maria Sautuola (Altamira):

09. Maria (:50)
10. Chase/Ancient Bison (1:45)
Dr. Louis Herman
(Dolphin Intelligence):
11. Kewalo Basin (:53)
12. Akeakamai (1:03)
13a. Their World (1:19)
Isaac Newton:
13b. Babington (:53)
14. Prisms (1:02)
15. White Rainbow (1:03)
Dr. Robert Eather

(Aurora Borealis)
16. Alaska Flight (4:01)
17. The Sun (1:14)
18. Aurora/Final Montage (3:41)

total time: 35:19

Music composed by Steve Wood
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Steve Wood at Benaji Studio, Laguna Beach, CA
Mastered by Doug Doyle

Steve Wood: Sythesizers and Sampled Percussion
Brent Lewis: Percussion
Jamey Haddad: Additional Percussion
Joe Stone: Woodwinds
Michael Hamilton: Guitar
Frank Simpson: Penny Whistle
Kenny Loggins: Wacky Monks
Vocalists: Sue Bredice, Beth Fichet, Kate McGarry, and Carolyn Miller

This soundtrack CD was produced in 1993 and initially limited to 1000 copies. It has been reissued and is now available at:

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