The Living Sea | feat. the music of Sting

PGD/A&M 350

Track Listing:
01. Fragile (3:23)
02. Why Should I Cry For You ? (2:56)
03. Cool Breeze (3:46)
04. Mad About You (6:16)
05. Ocean Waltz (3:05)
06. One World (Not Three)/Love Is The Seventh Wave (4:44)
07. Why Should I Cry For You ? (6:29)
08. Saint Agnes And The Burning Train (2:42)
09. Tides (3:07)
10. Why Should I Cry For You ? (6:56)
11. Arrival (1:39)
12. Jellyfish Lake (2:58)
13. Fragile (Reprise) (3:51)

total time: 52:16

All songs written by Sting, except “Arrival” and “Jellyfish Lake” composed by Steve Wood
Score produced and arranged by Steve Wood
Mixed by David Tickle at The Journey Room, Malibu, CA.
Assisted by Wolfgang Amadeus
* Additional music based on Sting’s original compositions, produced and arranged by Darryl Way
Synthesizers: Steve Wood
Orchestrations: Daniel May
Saxophone: Marc Russo
Guitars: Jorge Strunz, Ardeshur Farah, Michael Hamilton
Ikauma Drums: Brent Lewis
Percussion: Mechito Sanchez, Kevin Ricard
Drums: Nate Wood
Bass: Alan Deremo, Tim Landers
Steel Pans: Einstein Brown
Voices: Steve and Beth Wood
Score recorded by Steve Wood
Recorded at: Benaji Studio, Laguna Beach, CA

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