To Be An Astronaut

© 1992 Space Center Houston

Track Listing:
01. The New Astronaut (5:42)
02. Mission Training (3:44)
03. The Simulation (5.42)
04. Astronaut Hymn & Countdown (2:40)
05. Launch & Finale (3:19)
06. End Credits (:36)

On Human Destiny
07. Man In Space (2:28)
08. Spacewalk (2:28)
09. Man On The Moon (1:24)
10. Shuttle & Challenger (2:48)
11. New Horizons (3:31)
12. End Credits (:32)
total time: 34:54

This CD is a curiosity. It’s called “Space Center Houston”, however it contains two scores by composer David Spear, one happens to be for the IMAX film To Be An Astronaut.

Original Music composed by David Spear
conducting the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
Music Supervisors: Daniel Allan Carlin and Curtis Roush
Music Editing and Music Services: Segue Music, Inc.
Scoring Engineers: Malcolm Luker & Daniel Brock
Scoring Services: Cue Music, Ltd.
Music recorded at Arco Studios, Munich.
Special thanks to: Patrick Griffin, Dan Stein and Peter Vantine
Music Produced by David Spear, Daniel Allan Carlin and Curtis Roush

This CD was sold exclusively at the Space Center in Houston, Texas to promote their two films. However this was in 1992 and even back then it was extremely difficult to find this CD. It is out of print and has become a top-collectible soundtrack.

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