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Track Listing:
01. Hawaii/ Dolphins (2:32)
02. Blue Whales (2:27)
03. Peninsula Valdez (1:38)
04. Mother And Calf theme (4:18)
05. Sea Lions and Penguins (:41)
06. Power Theme/ Manta Rays (1:45)
07. Power Games (1:58)
08. Across The Gulf of Species (3:32)
09. Searching (4:17)
10. Migration (3:00)
11. Alaska (1:35)
12. Mother And Calf theme Reprise (2:04)
13. Power Games Reprise (2:24)
14. Whale Song * (4:00)

total time: 36:39

Music composed and produced by Sam Cardon
music supervisor: Ted Hinckley
performed by the Salt Lake Sinfonia
music conducted by Greg Buttars
music contractor: Meredith Campbell
music copying: Leslie Buttars and Greg Buttars
recording engineer: Glen Neibaur
additional engineering: Dale Sandberg, Aaron Gant and Dan Carlisle
mixed by Jeff Carter
music recorded at L.A. East Recording Studios, Salt Lake City, Utah
additional recording at The Record Lab, Provo, Utah
pre-recording and mixing at Pinnacle Studios, Orem, Utah
The Score features:
Kazu Matsui: Shakuhachi
Felicia Sorensen: Female Voice
Cliff Butter and Stan Jensen: Bohdran and Penny Whistle
*Whale Song recorded on location by Roger Payne
edited and mixed by Jim McKee at Earwax Productions Inc.
photo courtesy of Whales LLC
graphic design: Bryan Haslam

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