Wild Australia: The Edge

Wild Australia: The Edge | Music by Nigel Westlake

Tall Poppies | TP 085

Track Listing:
01. The Blue Labyrinth (5:01)
02. The Edge (4:26)
03. Kanangra (3:32)
04. Wilderness is a Spell (3:43)
05. Jurassic Survivors (1:22)
06. When I am Laid (Purcell/ Westlake) (3:55)
07. Creatures of the Plateau (2:54)
08. Candangra Spirit (David Hudson)(2:02)
09. Forest of Ferns (1:37)
10. Remnants of the Wild Young Earth (5:48)
total time: 34:45

music by Nigel Westlake
David Hudson: didgeridoo
Emma Lysons: soprano
Michael Askill: percussion
Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra, Carl Vine, conductor
Sydney Contemporary Singers, Elliott Gyger, conductor

Orchestra recorded in the Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Melbourne
Soprano, didgeridoo and choir recorded in the National Acoustics Laboratory’s Reverberation Chamber
Percussion recorded at the University of Western Sydney
Sound Engineer: Christo Curtis
Producer: Nigel Westlake
Mixing and editing: Rimshot Studios, St. Albans NSW
Mastering: Don Bartley at EMI Studios 301
Production manager: Jan Loquet Westlake
Publisher: Rimshot Music (APRA)
Many thanks to: John & Susanne Weiley, Nick Holmes, Robert Whittingham, Sue Curtis, Jim Atkins, Ron Layton, John Dennison, Tony Vaccher and Chris Poynton
B&K 6003 studio microphones by courtesy of Leon Hart of Studio Supplies
Still photography: Ray Jarrat

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