Silver Wave Records / SD 920
Track Listing:
01. Sawtooth Mountain (3:27)
02. Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya (5:09) (The Counterclockwise Circle Dance) (Sacred Spirits)
03. Aeolian Wind (1:45)
04. Wolves (3:07)
05. Peyote Healing (6:09) (Robbie Robertson with Primeaux and Mike)
06. In The Wild (0:38) (Wolf howls recorded by Jim Brandenburg, mixed by Mickey Houlihan)*
07. Deer Dance (3:52) (Joanne Shenandoah with Lawrence Laughing) *
08. Musk Ox (1:09)
09. Koani (1:33)
10. The Whole Night Sky (3:48) (Bruce Cockburn)*
11. North Fork Wolves in the Midnight Rain (2:24) (Paul Winter with Wolves of the North Fork Pack)*
12. Silent Wolf (2:49) (Mary Youngblood)*
13. Kami (0:52)
14. Death of a Legend (overture) (0:59)
15. Wind and Wolves (0:31) (Wolf howls recorded by Jim Brandenburg, mixed by Mickey Houlihan) *
16. The Wolf and the Bear (1:57)
17. Spirit of Winonah (4:06) (Andy Quinn)
18. The Whippoorwill (4:07) (Walela ~ Rita Coolidge, Priscilla Coolidge & Laura Satterfield) *
19. Death of a Legend (1:25)
total time: 49:59

Original Film Score by Michel Cusson
* Additional Songs for CD release, not included in the film
Produced by Claude Carmichael and James Marienthal
Executive Producer: James Marienthal
Cover Art and Photography courtesy of Wolfco Productions
CD Book Design: Valerie Sanford
Digital Editing by Mickey Houlihan at Wind Over The Earth
Digital Mastering by Dave Glasser at Air Show

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