Yellowstone | Music by Bill Conti

© 1994 Billco Music, All Rights Reserved.

Track Listing:
01. Yellowstone (4:00)
02. First History Lesson (4:13)
03. Dancing Waters (4:46)
04. Francis and Friends (0:48)
05. Up The River (2:11)
06. Bearzilla (1:39)
07. Animals and Geysers (3:16)
08. Francis Boyd Story (1:59)
09. Geyser Lessons (2:19)
10. Old Faithful (2:20)
11. In Conclusion (3:21)

total time: 30:52

Music composed by Bill Conti
orchestrations by Jack Eskew
recording engineer Lee DeCarlo
music editor Steve Livingston
mastered by Joe Gastwirt

This CD was released by composer Bill Conti as a private CD issue and was exclusively sold by the Yellowstone IMAX theater. It is no longer available through the regular soundtrack specialty dealers.

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