List of all IMAX soundtracks by composer

John Barry

Kurt Bestor | Official composer homepage

Amin Bhatia

  • Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees

Michael Brook

  • India – Kingdom of the Tiger
  • Fires Of Kuwait

Sam Cardon | Official composer homepage

Eric Colvin

  • NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience

Bill Conti

Violaine Corradi

  • Bears

Larry Crosley

  • Mysteries Of The Maya

Michel Cusson

John Debney

  • Michael Jordan to the Max

François Dompierre

  • Emergency

Randy Edelman | Official composer homepage

  • China: The Panda Adventure

Cliff Eidelman

  • Ocean Men – Extreme Dive

Richard Einhorn

  • On The Wing

Danny Elfman

  • Deep Sea 3D (released on the „Serenada Schizophrana“ album) | Sony Classical

Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

  • Blue Planet | Smithsonian
  • Destiny In Space | IMAX  (IMAX Corporation, 1994)
  • The Dream Is Alive | Smithsonian (IMAX Corporation, 1985)
  • Hail Columbia!  (IMAX Corporation, 1982)
  • Hubble 3-D
  • Into The Deep (IMAX Corporation, 1994)
  • L5:First City In Space (IMAX 3-D; IMAX Corporation, 1996)
  • Nomads Of The Deep(Ontario Place Corporation, 1979)
  • North Of Superior (Ontario Place Corporation, 1971)
  • Mission To Mir (IMAX Corporation, 1997)
  • Space Station 3-D (IMAX Corporation, 2002)
  • Under the Sea | Lakeshore Records

Richard Fiocca

  • Wildfire: Feel the Heat (composer promo, needs verification!)

David Michael Frank

Philip Glass

  • Roving Mars | Hollywood Records

Jerry Goldsmith

  • Soarin‘ Over California (IMAX ride at Disney’s Califoria Adventure)

Christopher Gordon

Gary Guttman

Lee Holdridge

Jeehun Hwang

  • Aliens of the Deep (composer promo, needs verification!)

Mark Isham

Christophe Jacquelin

  • Dolphins and Whales – Tribes of the Ocean 3D
  • Ocean Wonderland
  • Sharks 3D

Merrill Jensen

Trevor Jones | Official composer homepage

  • Fields of Freedom
  • We Fight To Be Free

Benoit Jutras

  • Cirque Du Soleil: Journey of Man | Sony Classical

John Lunn

  • The Legend of Loch Lomond (composer Promo, needs verification!)

Hummie Mann | official composer homepage

  • Cyberworld 3-D (an 11-minute suite appeared on one of the composer’s promotional cds)

Roger Mason

  • Africa’s Elephant Kingdom | Digital download only
  • Horses: The Story of Equus

Joel McNeely

  • Ghost of the Abyss 3D | Hollywood Records

Jennie Muskett

David Newman

  • The Flower Planet (8 track composer Promo, needs verification!)

Gilles Ouellet

  • Super Speedway

Basil Poledouris

  • Behold Hawaii (15 track promo, needs verification!)
  • Flyers | Prometheus Records (limited edition of 2000 copies)

Eldon Rathburn

  • The Creative Process (1990) (the NFB tribute to Norman McLaren)
  • The First Emperor Of China
  • Last Buffalo (IMAX 3-D)
  • Momentum | private release
  • Skyward (1984)
  • Transitions (1986)

Alan Reeve

  • Ocean Oasis

Richard Robbins

  • Four Million Houseguests (IMAX 3-D)

William Ross

Brian Satterwhite | Official composer homepage

  • Ride Around the World

Bernardo Segall

  • To Fly!

David Shire

  • The Journey Inside (Intel Corporation IMAX film)

Alan Silvestri

  • Back to the Future: The Ride (IMAX 3-D Ride at Universal Studios, California)
  • In Search of the Obelisk (IMAX 3-D Ride at Luxor, Las Vegas)
  • Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box

David Spear

Michael Stearns

  • Challenge
  • Chronos
  • The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens
  • Homeland
  • IMAX Slitscan logos
  • Indonesia Indah
  • Race the Wind
  • Ring of Fire
  • Sacred Site
  • Thrill Ride
  • Time Concerto
  • Tropical Rain Forrest

Christopher L. Stone

  • Special Effects – Anything Can Happen (composer promo, needs verification!)

Christopher James Thomas

  • The Greatest Places

Nigel Westlake

George Wilkins

Alan Williams | official composer homepage

John Williams

  • A Hymn to New England (written as the accompaniment to „New England Time Capsule“, an Omnimax travelogue of New England shown in the Mugar Omni Theater at Boston’s Museum of Science) | Sony Classical

Steve Wood | Official composer homepage

  • The Alps (featuring the music & songs by Queen)
  • Arabia 3-D | CD Baby
  • The Discoverers | private release / CD Baby
  • Dolphins
  • Eureka! La Pasion Por Conocer
  • Everest (featuring the music of George Harrison) (co-composed with Daniel May)
  • Greece: Secrets Of The Past | CD Baby
  • Hurricane on the Bayou
  • Journey Into Amazing Caves (co-composed with Daniel May)
  • The Living Sea (featuring the music of Sting)
  • Mystery of the Nile (co-composed with David Giro)

Gabriel Yared

Hans Zimmer

  • Africa – The Serengeti (featuring music from the movie „The Power of One“)

This list is by no means complete. Please contact me if you know any music and soundtracks from large format films and theme park rides not listed here. Thank you!

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