T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous

Track Listing:
01. Main Title (3:35)

02. Ally (1:25)

03. bz Falls (1:38)

04. Finding The Egg (1:51)

05. Ally and Dad (2:56)

06. Journey to the Cretaceous (5:43)

07. Meeting Charles Knight (2:01)

08. Kiss and a Squeeze (2:00)
09. Meeting Barnum Brown (4:37)

10. Meeting T-Rex (6:38)

11. Finale (3:56)

total time: 37:13

Music by William Ross

Album Produced By William Ross

Supervising Music Editor: Scott Stambler

Orchestrations: William Ross

Concert Master: Bruce Dukov

Scoring Engineer: Robert Fernandez

Music Contractor: Patti Zimmitti, Debbie Datz-Pyle

Music Preparation: Jo Ann Kane Music

Scoring Consultant: Matthew Della Polla

Recorded at Sony Scoring Stage, Culver City, CA

Mixed at Signet Sound Studios by Robert Fernandet

Special Thanks to Brett Leonard, Andrew Gellis, Michael Tinger, Jonathan Shaw, Chris Boardman, Scott Smalley, Vasi Vangelos, the Sony Scoring Crew, and all the great musicians who played on this score.

Love and Appreciation to Janet, Matthew and Emma

This CD was released for promotional use of the composer only, not intended for sale.

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